Fumble – on tour with the Rock 'n' Roll Greats!

Fumble with David Bowie

Fumbe toured America with David Bowie on his legendary “Ziggy Stardust” tour of 1973
Philadelphia • Nashville • Memphis • Detroit • Chicago • Los Angeles • Hollywood

New Musical Express, 6 Feb 1973
front page: 'BOWIE WANTS FUMBLE'

'David Bowie has asked British rock'n'roll revivalists Fumble to join him on the rest of his current British tour. Apparently Bowie's attention was first drawn to Fumble by the novel cover of their current EMI album - and liked what he'd seen.'
Bowie 1973

”I adore them. They're very unpretentious about revamping that whole era."
(David Bowie about Fumble 1973)
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Fumble with Chuck Berry

1973 - London, Rainbow theatre
1973 – Chuck Berry, Summer Rock Festival (Frankfurt, Germany)

1977 - Chuck Berry, Barcelona, Spain

photos from Barcelona are in the 'Photos' section

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1976 - Fats Domino Tour (Germany, Austria)

Hamburg • Cologne • Munich• Linz • Ludwigshafen • Essen • Vienna • Villach

Some tracks on the live Album "Rumble with Fumble" were recorded on the Fats Domino tour. At the beginning of the record Fumble are announced as "England's best Rock'n'Roll Band"

Fumble with Bill Haley in 1972 and on his very last tour

1972 - Bill Haley (German tour)

Frankfurt • Bremen • Mannheim • Munich • Bielefeld • Hamburg

1980 – Bill Haley's very last tour (South Africa)

Fumble also supported Bill Haley on his very last tour in 1980. Johannisburg • Durban • Cape Town

Fumble with Paul McCartney & The Wings 1979

The Buddy Holly Tribute Concert

14th Sept. 1979, Hammersmith Odeon, London

After Des had become an outrider for the Beatles when they played in Weston-super-Mare in 1973, Fumble were invited to play with Paul McCartney and the Wings and others at the Hammersmith Odeon.

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