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Special: Fumble on tour with David Bowie

Fumble supported David Bowie on his Ziggy Stardust tour on four UK dates and a tour of America in February / March 1973New Musial Express, January 1973.

New Musical Express, 6 Feb 1973 - front page:
David Bowie has asked British rock'n'roll revivalists Fumble to join him on the rest of his current British tour.
Apparently Bowie's attention was first drawn to Fumble by the novel cover of their current EMI album - and liked what he'd seen.

NME 21 April 1973:
The conversation dwelt on trivia: the excellence of Fumble, the opening act (“I adore them. They’re very unpretentious about re-vamping that whole era. It seems very natural with them, very James Dean”)

UK-Tour 1972/73
Bowie had seen Fumble on the Old Grey Whistle Test on BBC TV. He was making preparations for his forthcoming tour of America and booked Fumble for a few UK dates.

US -Tour 1973
After it proved that Fumble could really rouse an audience fit for Ziggy Stardust, Fumble were finally booked for the US-tour.

Fumble scheduled for another UK Tour (cancelled)
Another UK-Tour was planned (Start May 12) but Fumble were dropped at the last minute to give Bowie the chance to extend his act and play two shows a night.

bowie adores Fumble"I adore them. They're very unpretentious about revamping that whole era" (David Bowie about Fumble 1973)
Fumble & David Bowie UK tour 1972 / 1973
28 Dec Manchester Hardrock
5 Jan Glasgow Green's Playhouse
6 Jan Edinburgh Empire Theatre
7 Jan Newcastle City Hall
9 Jan Preston Guildhall
Fumble & David Bowie US-tour 1973
16 Feb Philadelphia Tower Theatre
17 Feb Philadelphia Tower Theatre (2 shows)
18 Feb Philadelphia Tower Theatre (2 shows)
19 Feb Philadelphia Tower Theatre (2 shows)
23 Feb Nashville War Memorial Auditorium
26 Feb Memphis Ellis Auditorium (2 shows)
1 Mar Detroit Masonic Auditorium
2 Mar Detroit Masonic Auditorium
3 Mar Chicago Aragon Ballroom
10 Mar Los Angeles Long Beach Arena
12 Mar Hollywood Hollywood Palladium

Press articles:

RECORD MIRROR, 10 Feb 1973
Fumble join Bowie
Fumble have been asked by David Bowie to join him on his forthcoming tour of America. This news follows Fumble's success on Bowie's last British tour. The band will record tracks for a single which will be rushed released in America to coincide with the U.S. dates. The tour is scheduled to start in Philadelphia 16th, 17th & 18th February. Then Nashville 23rd, Memphis 25th, March 1st Detroit, 4th Chicago, 10th L.A.

DISC MAGAZINE, 10 Feb 1973
Fumble with Bowie
Fumble invited to join David Bowie's US dates this month and next.

RECORD MIRROR, 14 April 1973
Fumble US tour
Fumble have been added to the massive David Bowie tour after touring with him in America - the third Bowie tour the band have played this year.

David Bowie has been quoted as saying he adores Fumble, adding they are: "very unpretentious about revamping that whole era." The era" he refers to is late fifties/early sixties - from whence the majority of Fumble's material is taken. Mouldie oldies like "Oh Carol," "Hello Mary Lou" and "Ebony Eyes" are on the agenda. But it's not just a boring revival - for, since their american tour with Bowie Fumble have got that extra polish always needed if you wish to succeed. And as an added extra, there are a few original numbers included. This good time groping band are great - so go see em.

"The opener that week (Seven shows in five days) was a 1950s revival group called Fumble. I remember them opening with "Hello Mary Lou," and also doing "Ebony Eyes." In between songs, the audience kept yelling out "Fumble!" - Chuck Darrow ...

A Bowie fan about Fumble supporting Bowie at the Tower Theatre Philadelphia 1973. Found at: The Ziggy Stardust Companion - A David Bowie Site

DISC MAGAZINE, 10 Feb 1973
Fumble with Bowie
Fumble invited to join David Bowie's US dates this month and next.

MELODY MAKER, 14 April 1973
Fumble join the David Bowie tour opening at Earls Court on May 12. Meanwhile, Fumble play Aberdeen University (April 18), College of Education, Dundee (19), Edinburgh University (20), Strathclyde University (21), Clouds Disco, Glasgow (22) and Regency Suite, Derby (27)

Bowie's back
David Bowie arrives Victoria Station 7.35 p.m. this Friday, May 4, marking the end of a 7,903 mile trans-European trip, and concert tours of the US and Japan. After resting at home for a week, he starts his British tour with the Earls Court concert, May 12, which is already sold out.
A spokesman for RCA commented that they are considering adding an extra week to the tour, and that Bowie will feature new stage apparel designed and built in Japan. He also states that Bowie wants to tour Russia and China next year. Fumble have been dropped as support group and Bowie's act has been extended to cover a whole evening.

DISC MAGAZINE, 12 May 1973 
Fumble treated sharply by the Bowie camp. It has been revealed to me that Bowie manager Tony DeFries cabled manager John Sherry from Japan informing him that his group would no longer be required as support band on Bowie's British tour. Bowie, it was decided, would double his money and play not one but two sets per night on most of his dates. Fumble are now wondering how to occupy themselves over the next two months and are resigned to the prospect of watching their upcoming single, "Million Seller," sink through lack of exposure. Nice one, Tony.