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Fumble on the Web

Fumble supported David Bowie on his US-tour in 1973, toured with Rock'n'Roll greats such as Chuck Berry, Bill Haley and Fats Domino, co-starred in the West-End Musical ELVIS and appeared in the rock'n'roll TV-show "Jack Good's Oh Boy". 
Eleven singles, four albums and thousands of live gigs all over Europe and the UK - Fumble gained themselves a reputation as one of the most brilliant live bands of the 1970s.

Read more about Fumble on this website. Read about their history, band members, records, TV-appearances and tourdates, etc.

In the press archive section you find a large collection of articles, gig reviews, ads, posters from music papers from the 1970s, as well as two specials: Fumble in Tour with David Bowie and Fumble with the Rock'n'Roll Greats. Check it out.

History of the band 1965-1982
LPs, Singles, CDs
promo, live gigs

Press Archive
Melody Maker, NME, Sounds
PostersPosters, ads
gig ads, Marquee ads
Fumble with BowieFumble on US-Tour with David Bowie
Infos, tourdates, press articles
Fumble with the Greats On Tour with the Greats
Chuck Berry, Bill Haley, Fats Domino,

TourdatesThe complete gig list. Compiled by Sean Mayes
List with every gig Fumble ever played from 1967 to 1987. Over 1500 gigs all over Europe!

Des Henly's blog
Des Henly's blogDES HENLY “ON THE ROAD” with Fumble in the 1970s On the road with DAVID BOWIE, Chuck BERRY, ELVIS The Musical, and THE BEATLES in Weston-super-Mare

Des Henly's Rock'n'Roll Circus

Des Henly's Rock'n'Roll CircusFumble & Friends.
In the 2000s Des, Barry and Mario got together with fellow musicians once a year to play their Rock'n'Roll classics at a festive Christmas show at the Winter Gardens in Weston-super-Mare.