Des Henly's Rock and Roll Circus
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Fumble - gig photos, promo photos

Gig photos

Fumble Photos London 1975

1975 - Hope & Anchor, London (4 photos)

Gig at the Hope & Anchor on 30 December 1975
photos © Juliette Gould
Fumble Photos Barcelona 1977

1977 - Barcelona, Spain (6 photos)

Fumble supporting Chuck Berry at a two-day festival in Barcelona, Spain
photos © Manuel Maya
Fumble Photos London late 1970s

1970s, London (3 photos)

Gig some time in 1979 at an unknown venue in London (does anybody know?)
photos © Charlie Cook
Fumble Photos Xmas party

1979 - Xmas / New Year's Eve party (5 photos)

Fumble having fun at a party gig around 1979 or 1980. Location unknown
photos © Juliette Gould
Fumble, Germany 1981

1981 - Festival, Germany (4 photos)

Fumble played four gigs at a free festival in Hanover, Germany in August 1981
Pictures from Sunday, 30 August 1981
photos © Angie
Fumble Photos Mario painting on stage 1982 - Mario painting a picture on stage (5 photos) Mario used to paint pictures on stage during a song.
These photos of Mario painting a picture during a gig were taken at an unknown Venenue in/near London
photos © Fulham, provided by Juliette

Promo material

Fumble promo photographs

1973-1979 Fumble promo pictures (5 photos)

Various promo photos from Teldec, Germany, RCA, SCA, Decca and DJM
Autographed promo
photos © RCA, SCA, Decca, DJM, Teldec

Last pictures with Sean Mayes

Fumble Photos Early 1990s

1990s, early - Various gigs (9 photos)

A collection of photos from various gigs in the early 1990
Locatn was the Tropicana, Weston-super-Mare
photos © Juliette Gould
Fumble Last photos with Sean Mayes

1991-1994 - Last pictures with Sean Mayes (6 photos)

Some more photos from the early 1990s
We all miss Sean. Here are some of the last pictures with him at a gig in 194
photos © Rudi Brakel
Fumble photos Sean Mayes memorial concert

1995 - Sean's memorial Concert (7 photos)

Memorial concert for Sean Mayes who died in May 1995. The concert took place in August 1995 and featured Tim Whitnall, Keith Strachan, 'Ace' Skudder, Bimbo Acock and Remo Ferrari
photos © Rudi Brakel