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Fumble in ELVIS – The Musical

Elvis – The Musical

Fumble provided the background music for the show, performing on stage for almost the entire show. The two-hour musical featured about 82 musical numbers, depicting the life of Elvis Presley from the beginning of his carreer up to his early death. (Elvis died in August '77, only a few months before the beginning of the show)

the Elvis Musical cast
Photo of the ELVIS cast
was written and directed by Jack Good and produced by Ray Cooney. Assistant director: Annabel Leventon, choreographer: Carole Todd, musical director: Keith Strachan. Other members of the cast include Tracey Ullman, Helen Baker, Tanith Banbury, Anna MacLeod, Yael O'Dwyer, Richard Ashley, Paul Felber, Stephen Leigh, Richard Piper, Shaun Simon.

The musical started November 28th 1977. There was one show a day from Mondays to Thursdays and two shows a day on Fridays and Saturdays. There was no show on Sundays.

Shaky "Elvis" rehearsals with Fumble in the background

The left picture shows Shakin' Stevens during rehearsals with Fumble in the bacground.
The picture was taken from a Jack Good documentary.

Fumble performing in "Elvis"Fumble performing in "Elvis"


Fumble performing in "Elvis"Fumble in "Elvis"


The three actors who played Elvis

Tim Whitnall as "Elvis"Shaky as "Elvis"P.J. Proby as "Elvis"
Left to right:
Tim Whitnall as the young Elvis, Shakin' Stevens as the middle Elvis and P.J. Proby as the late Elvis (later replaced by Bogdan Kominowski).
Photos Copyright © Jay Ullal (Stern 1977)