FUMBLE band members – Mario Ferrari

Mario Ferrari 1973
Mario Ferrari
bass, vocals


Mario Ferrari attended his first school with Des Henly before being sent to boarding school with his brother Remo. Piano was Mario's first introduction to music. At the age of five he started taking piano lessons.

He met up again with Des while home on holiday, Des was already playing and talking about Tommy Steele, Elvis Presley and Neil Sedaka. It seemed that the only instrument his friends weren't playing was bass, so Mario went about converting an old acoustic, with disastrous results. However, at 15 his father bought him a Fender Precision Bass. With his knowledge of piano it didn't take long for him to pick up the rudiments of basswork.

In '62 Mario played his first gig with brother Remo and Des. It wasn't until after Mario had left school that he joined forces with Des, and later with Barry and Sean.
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Mario, the artist

Video by David Larkham and Mario Ferrari


Mario now works as a freelance illustrator/cartoonist and teaches drawing classes.
In his studio in the attic he gets the best ideas. .
Mario painting on stage
Music and painting - Mario used to do both things at the same time on stage. In the picture you see him with a spraying can painting on a huge canvas on stage.

When Mario is not busy at the drawing board he enjoys golf, tennis, fine food and a good glass of wine

Mario in his studio
Mario in his studio

"Lots of doodling and sketchbook work gets the inspiration going. And I go to sleep with a smile and wake up with a good idea."
Interested in attending one of Mario's drawing classes? then please contact

Mario & Barry in The DelRays

Mario Ferrari in The DelRays
When Mario is not busy at the drawing board he sings together with Barry in The DelRay, an a four piece a-cappella group, featuring Phil Fursdon, former member of Racey, and Dick Powell.