FUMBLE band members – Barry Pike

Barry Pike 1973
Barry Pike


Barry Pike moved to Cambridge with his parents when he was 7. There he attended Cherry Hinton Primary School which eventually fell down through being too close to a railway line. From Netherhall Secondary he went to Cambridge Technical College.

Barry's older brother Jeff was at university and playing guitar in an R & B band, so Barry turned to drums, taught himself to play at the age of 14 by listening to borrowed records of Buddy Rica and Gene Krupa and the like, and bought his first kit at fifteen.

He worked with Sean through a couple of groups, "The Soulbenders" being the last before they both joined Des and Mario and formed The Baloons.
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Barry Pike - Interview with Drum Magazine

Barry's first band was a blues/soul band led by his brother Jeffrey. In 1967 he joined Fumble. In 1974 he gave a three-page interview for Drum Magazine which you can find here.

Mario & Barry in DelRays

Barry Pike – The DelRays
Together with Mario, Barry sings in "The DelRays", a four-piece a cappella band that has specialized in Songs from the golden era of the Beatles and the Beach Boys. Songs include "Blue Moon", "Fun Fun Fun", "I get Around" or "Tell Me Why".

Photo on the right: Barry Pike, Mario Ferrari, Phil Fursdon (former member of Racey), Dick Powell.

How time flies... Barry in 2008!

Barry at the soundcheck 2008
Barry soundcheckin' for Des Henly's Rock'n'Roll Circus in 2008...

...Barry as a proud grandfather!

Barry's grandson Ethan was born in 2005, his granddaughter was born in 2009.
Barry with his grandson Ethan
Barry with his grandson Ethan 2005 (10 months old - and obviously more interested in things going on around him than in the camera...)