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17 Feb 1973 - Philadelphia, Tower Theatre
(supporting David Bowie)

On Saturday, February 17, 1973 I had the good fortune and minimal bad experience of seeing England's Fumble in concert. They are a four piece rock and roll band with a lot of energy and a bit too much ego. While not being able to catch the name of each individual member of FUMBLE, I can say that the band is composed of Duanne Eddy guitar, Jerry Lee Lewis piano, bass and drums.
With a repertoire of Elvis, Eddie Cochran, and every other 1950's rock and roll idol FUMBLE gives a rather good and dynamic show. The group did such songs as "Take Good Care Of My Baby", "All Shook Up", "C'mon Everybody", and even an acapalo cut titled "Royal High". All the songs were an outright imitation of the way the songs were done by the original artists. But, that's alright because it only goes along with a 1950's style. Yet, FUMBLE does not over do it like Sha Na Na. I should mention they did one song that was their own composition, but it too was in keeping with the 1950's style.
Musically, what FUMBLE does is not that demanding, but the band has enough skill to give the songs they are doing that added flair. The guitarist is good, but can't master that Chuck Berry strut. I would have to say though that FUMBLE'S drummer is really the one member of the band who really stands out.
By now youre asking, "Well, what's wrong with FUMBLE?" Nothing really, the only thing is that they demand that the audience applaud. FUMBLE obviously knows what showmanship is, but giving a public display of their ego is a bit too much. FUMBLE'S reception would obviously be a lot better if they would learn to shut up between songs.
Bee Bop Review
March 2, 1973