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St Albans Midweek Recorder
Dec 10 1974

Rock'n'roll Band signs up

One of Britain’s original rock’n’roll revival bands, Fumble, have signed to another record company, this time RCA Records, and have issued a new version of the Buddy Holly/Rolling Stones classic "Not Fade Away".

They also have a new album due out shortly, entitled "Poetry In Lotion", and while it includes some brand new material, it’s stressed that the sound and feel of these tracks will retain the 50‘s and 60‘s goodtime atmosphere that the band and audiences seem to enjoy so much.


The band line-up is Des Henly (lead vocals), Dave Christopher (lead guitar), Sean Mayes (piano), Mario Ferrari (bass) and Barry Pike (drums).

David Bowie was one of the earliest people to get turned on to the sounds of Fumble, choosing them to support him on three major tours.

Live appearances at universities and clubs up and down now keep the band fully occupied.