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Record Mirror
Sept 18, 1971


If you can dig those ritzy italian box jackets and snazzy tapered trousers and those good, clean-cut boyish grins, not to mention heartwarmingly sincere reditions of old pop (as in 'pop music') 'toons', then get out and see Fumble, the four genial lads pictured above.
Fumble base themselves on the nostalgic innocent good-time period that spawned such great songs as 'Cathy's Clown', 'Take Good Care Of My Baby' and 'Teenager In Love'. They perform them with the intention of both entertaining and amusing... and, strangely enough, are finding a good reaction throughout the college circuit where everyone seems to have had enough of taking themselves too seriously.
Left to right they are: Barry Pike (drums); Sean Mayes (piano, vocals); Des Henly (lead vocals, guitar) and Mario Ferrari (bass, vocals).