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Reading Rock 73
Aug 18, 1973

Back in time

GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY, somebody's got hold of your oldies. That'll Be The Day, Poetry In Motion, Rave On...they're all there, nutrockers.
The name of the band is Fumble, and they've just returned from topping the bill at a Danish festival. Must have something to draw 20.000 people away from all that porn.
As a rock revival band, they're slightly different, drawing a lot of the material from the early Sixties. Remember Bobby Vee, Rick Nelson, Neil Sedaka? Lead guitarist and vocalist Des Henly has a perfect vioce for The Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Oh Carol, and so forth.
Whatever your reaction to golden oldies, Fumbleseem to have been the saving grace of many a concert - the light relief which any normal fan needs after a few heavy sets. They have to be fun by anybody's book.
A Record Mirror reviewer saw them at London's Greyhound recently and wrote: "This lot are really uncanny. I mean lots of bands are into 50s music but Fumble are ridiculous, an anarchronism, a star turn from the mind warp pavillion.
"They transport your through a magic tour-de-force of rock'n'roll's goldenera and Christ, the nostalgia almost made me cry. I could almost hear a safety pin needle scraping round a scratch ridden 78. It was a real fun occasion..."
For drummer Barry Pike, this festival means double nostalgia because he was born in Reading.
The rest of the band: Des Henly (guitar, vocals), Sean Mayes (piano, vocals), and Mario Ferrari (bass, vocals). O.K. gang, Let's Have A Party.