Gig reviews


August 24 - 26, 1973

SATURDAY: Began in more blazing heat with a mixture of new, foreign and folky acts. Sexy Miss Claire Hamill amused the lads by putting on a bold front, and Tasavallan Presidentti from Finland proved many people’s favourite band, along with Tomy Eyre and Roger Sutton’s new group Riff Raff. But it was Fumble, straight from their success at Alexander Palace who picked up the first rave reaction of the day with their brilliant recreation of rock and roll, fifties style. They were called back for an encore, but because of the tight schedule, had to give way to Magma, a highly weird band from France.
Melody Maker
September 1st 1973

Reading Festival 1973
For some, Status Quo must have been an event. The reception they received was more than cordial, but nothing compared with that accorded to Alex Harvey and Fumble. I'm afraid, I found them rivetingly boring.
Disc Magazine
Sept 1st 1973