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Nancy finds out all abot the fun-loving, Fifties-loving Foursome!

Fumble are fun - and if you agree with me you'll make them all very happy indeed, because they set out to play music for us all to enjoy.
Fans of the group will already know that in addition to lots of new songs they also play a heap of old fifties hits which were originally recorded by artists like Elvis, Neil Sedaka and the Everly Brothers. You may have heard their recording of the golden oldie, "Hello Mary Lou".
One Monday morning recently, I met Mario Ferrari and Des Henly, who both play the guitar and sing with the group, and had a chance to find out first hand about these musicians with a reputation for being uncomplicated and friendly.
"We think the kids are just great and we want them to have fun when they come to see us." said Des, who has a passion for old American high school jackets with almost luminous embroidery.
"We want to see them laughing and having real fun; that's why we're so keen on the fifties, and try to recreate some of the atmosphere of that period," added Mario, who is black-haired, dark-eyed and loves to be out in the country painting when he's not playing.
The two other members of Fumble are Sean Mayes who playes the piano and sings, and Barry Pike, their drummer.
I wanted to know about these two members who weren't present so I asked Des and Mario for a bit of information about them.
"Well," Des told me, "Sean likes wearing Hawaiian shirts. He's the quiet thoughtful type and incidentally he writes most of our stuff. Barry is our comic and fanatic for taking things apart. He took my motor bike to pieces once and managed - goodness knows how - to put all the small pieces back in the right places!"
Earlier this year the group did a tour of America with David Bowie and they hope to do a British tour before the end of the year.
None of the group are married. Des likes tall girls with clear, fair complexions, and Mario insists on long hair but is also partial to girls with nice legs and dark eyes. Sean, they told me, can't stand giggly types but likes the quiet, sensitive, bright girls and Barry goes for wild extrovert birds.
I know one thing, Fumble didn't earn their reputation for cheerfulness and charm for nothing!