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Music Star
November 3rd, 1973

"Accident Prone"

Fumble have come to the conclusion that they must be the unluckiest group in rock'n'roll today! It seems to have a lot to do with drummer Barry Pike being so accident prone...
There was the time when they were on tour in Denmark.
"It was just one of those trips," explained Barry. "We were staying in this hotel and the elevators came up and down outside the building. I wanted to go downstairs one morning and I noticed this bunch of kids playing around with the lift, but they ran off when I came along. I was still looking at them, wondering what they'd been up to, when I suddenly realised. The lift door opened and there was nothing there!
"Copenhagen was spread out in front of me and I was hanging on to this doorhandle!"
But that wasn't all. Later, when Barry had calmed down, he slipped on a wet floor an just missed hitting his head on a stone step, only to trap his foot under a radiator!
"Then he fried his hand!" pianist Sean Mayes told us. "He was frying eggs on a gas stove that we'd brought up to the hotel room, when he upset boiling fat on to his hand!"
"I was leaping around!" recalled Barry. "Anyway, Sean got out some TCP and put it in a saucer, and I bathed my hand in that. Then we realised that there was only on egg left, so Mario, our bass player, offered to fry it for me. When it was cooked he accidentally plonked it straight into my saucer of TCP!"
That is one tour Barry would rather forget. He even hit his head against a beam while hurrying to get on stage. "I can't quite remember what happened," he said. "I just heard this enormous bang and saw a lost of stars! I had to play watching people going round and round and my head spinning!"
"On top of that, he hit his head on the side of a boat because he was in the top bunk," said Sean, smiling.
Yes, Fumble have certainly had their share of bad luck. It's a bit ironic that Mario dreamt up the band's name while he was in hospital, recovering from a skiing accident!