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17 May 1973 - London, Greyhound

This lot are really uncanny - I mean lots of bands are into late 50's music but Fumble are ridiculous, an anachronism, a star turn from the mind warp pavillion. They transport you through a magic tour-de-force of rock'n'roll's golden era and Christ, the nostalgia almost made me cry. I could almost hear a safety pin needle scraping round a scratch-hidden 78.

It was a real fun occasion at London's Greyhound, packed, hot, and sticky, with loads of kids probably hearing an echo of their introduction to music - and liking what they heard. In the end it didn't matter whether you'd heard it before or not. Singer / guitarist Des Henly was in control and when the crowd insisted on more he led the band back for a raging "Let's Have A Party". A gas.
Record Mirror
26 May 1973