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5 Dec 1972

Fumble gain a firm hold

Fumble were an ideal choice of bands to end the winter term at Loughton College.
The audience was there to dance and enjoy themselves and with Fumble's simple and un-involved music that's exactly what they did.
They played a set of rock'n'roll classics, with a sprinkling of their own material — much of it taken from their excellent new album "Poetry in Lotion."
The old classics like "Mary Lou," "Runaround Sue," "All Shook Up," "Not Fade Away," "Keep on Knocking," "Wake Up Little Suzie," and many others have been updated, and given a fuller sound, but at the same time retaining the nostalgia of the old songs.
The same sort of thing is noticeable in their appearance too. They don't all slick back their hair, and put on drapes and drainpipes, like many of the rock'n'roll revival outfits. Almost from the first song, the audience was dancing and clapping along. Barry Pike played some good distinctive drumming and Dave Christopher was often featured playing slide guitar. Completing the line-up were Des Henly on lead vocals and guitar, Sean Mayes on piano and Mario Ferrari on bass.
The highlight of their set was the Rolling Stones classic and their current single "Not Fade Away."