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Concert Review:

7 Sep 1973 - London, Rainbow Theatre
(supporting Chuck Berry)

The joint sure was jumpin‘ on Friday night. Fumble played an energetic and well-received set of rock standards and encored with Mean Woman Blues which left the audience on it’s feet and the piano almost topping over.

Wild stuff, which Chuck Berry followed beautifully. What a supreme showman he is. Where before there were empty seats, Chuck filled the Rainbow with lots of energy and animated guitar.
He picked his way across the stage, crouched down, head bobbing like a chicken, sending out numbers like Roll Over Beethoven, Memphis Tennessee and Reelin‘ And Rockin‘.
And boy did we rock with Chuck’s "168 songs in out repertoire. When Chuck said "You name it, we’ll play it," out of the mellee he managed to pick out No Particular Place To Go.

The audiences had one particular place to go, however, and soon the stage was swamped with rockers, leaping and tripping over their long jackets while churning out some neat footwork.

Chuck finished with long improvisations on Johnnie B. Good / What’d I Say, before he unplugged his guitar and ran off stage. Long live rock’n’roll. –
Hugh Kyle
Disc Magazine
Sept.15, 1973