Gig reviews

Melody Maker
Aug 25 1973

Alexandra Palace

REMEMBER when rock was young? When drum-kits were welded together and transported on buses and tubes and gigging was regarded as simple fun.
Well those days returned to London, when Fumble, the most awe-inspiring band in the land, played a ten day residency at Alexandra Palace Music Festival.

"We were lucky to do Ally Pally - especially since we've been playing in the smaller hall. I think a lot of the bands have been chopped-down to a quarter of their normal selves because that main hall is so vast," said guitarist Des Henly. Together with Mario Ferrari (bass), Sean Mayes (piano) and Barry Pike (drums), Des formed the band out of friendship.
Fumble are essentially a good-time band. Besides an assortment of original material, the group reproduce a considerable number of oldies like "Poetry In Motion" "Ebony Eyes" and "Hound Dog," which all sound remarkably similar to the original versions.