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Fumble backing Chuck Berry 1973

The first time I saw Fumble was on the 4th of February 1973, at The Rainbow Theatre Finsbury Park London. I had gone to see Chuck Berry who was one of my many hero's. The support band came onto the stage and it wasn't long before they got everyone's attention.
I was amazed how good they were, and was desparate to find out who they were, as their name wasn't on the tickets etc, just support.
Luckily Des announced the name near the end of their stint.

They proved themselves to be a great band and did a few encores, which meant Chuck came on stage a bit later than he should have. It was also the best I had ever seen Chuck as he had to be on form to follow Fumble.

Following the gig it was a case of scouring the music papers to see where they were playing. This led to meeting some like minded people, Juliette,her brother Alan and Ed (Fulham). We saw Fumble on a very regular basis at The Marquee, Hope and Anchor, to name a few places over the years. Now we meet up each year at Weston Super Mare thanks to a very talented young lady called Angie, who put the website together. The website has got to be one of the best sites with so much information and memories of the past.

Fumble were and are a very underated band, who always enjoy the gigs, no screwed up faces whilst singing. They play because they enjoy doing it, and we go to see them because we enjoy the music and the friendlyness of the band and the fact that it brings back memories from the seventies.