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Bath University, 21 Jan 1972

...they were standing in for (to be fair) a more headline act that withdrew at short notice – can’t remember who. (It wasn’t the Who). The gig was at Bath University small hall (there wasn’t a big hall then). Quite a reasonable sized place though with a good stage – plenty of room and set up above the audience. The turn out was a bit sparce but Fumble really let rip and were not deterred. They played about a solid hour or more of piano pumping rock ‘n’ roll (have I got the right band?). Bit more sophisticated than Jerry Lee Lewis – more rock than roll. But I do remember the piano player saying at one point “it’s dying” meaning we’re doing our best what about you lot. And he was right. I should think we just stood around like students did in those days. He had a high forehead and swept back hair? Does that make sense? That’s about all I remember except a few months maybe a year later I saw them on the Old Grey Whistle Test and remembered them from that gig. Maybe that’s why it’s stuck in my mind and they were excellent.