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A school trip to the 'Elvis' Musical

I was a teacher in Coventry and on four occasions we travelled down to London to watch the Elvis musical in the late 70s.

It was always a long trip in the school minibus with 13 young people but the show was tremendous. I particularly remember the changeover from the Elvis era to the Beatles. And of course American Trilogy as performed by Bogdan. I thought Fumble did so well on both items. I remember them clambering through the audience during the show. I think one of them had little hair.

I saw the show in Birmingham about 5 years later with someone called Mark (Eager?) or something like it, perhaps it was Vince but it never had the quality of the London production.

I wish you well- Rock on Elvis



Matt's trip in pictures:
photos © Matt Erskine

on the way...en route from Coventry to London...
the Foyer...In the foyer of the Astoria...
vor der Show......and in the theatre just before the show..
Die Show...Bogdan on Stage...
(Matt got told off for taking this photo...)