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A collection of your memories and stories

Many emails have reached us over the years from fans, old friends and acquaintences from the 1970s, and people who have seen Fumble at one of their gigs. Some friends made contact again after as long as 40 years!

Quotes taken from emails, concert reviews, stories, etc. – here are some of the most fantastic messages that you have sent us.

Thanks a million to you all for sharing these wonderful memories!
Des, Barry, Mario

your stories

Preston Guildhall 1973

Anand had to sleep in the car park after the gig. He saw Fumble as a support for David Bowie and thought they were the highlight! read story

School trip to the Elvis musical (with photos)

Matt, a teacher from Coventry describes his trip to the Elvis musical with 13 young people. Matt was told off for taking a picture during the show! read story

...rushing to the ELVIS musical

Alan was a regular and saw ELVIS several times.Hee had only 25 minutes to get from his workplace through the London traffic and always made it on time! read story

auditioning for 'Elvis'

Gary auditioned for 'Elvis' and watched the show every night. He has fond memories of Fumble! read story

Bath University 1972

Robert remembers a gig in Bath. Fumble stood in for another act read story

Chuck Berry 1973

John saw Fumble as a support to Chuck Berry in Feb 1973. He became a regular follower and still comes to the gigs today! read story

Newcastle City Hall

Len saw Fumble supporting David Bowie in Newcastle supporting - and has great memories of one cappella song... read story

Festival in Germany: 4 gigs in 2 days

A long story - how I saw Fumble for the first time and immediately became a fan read story